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Google publishes the list of the most outstanding searches of 2013


As in previous years, Google also takes stock of the year by publishing its list of the most outstanding searches of 2013, its Zeitgeist 2013, where two recent events come to occupy the top positions globally, these being the deaths of Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker, despite the fact that in 2013 there have been other important events.

According to Google, there was enough interest in Mandela in the searches, which were accentuated at the time of his death, causing an avalanche of searches for information about your life, which has made it the most important search in the world. ao. Regarding the also recent death of actor Paul Walker, known for his Fast and the Furious films, it has also made him occupy an important position in global searches in 2013.

The iPhone 5s, the well-known Harlem Shake, which uploaded more than 1.7 million versions via YouTube, the tragedy of Boston and the typhoon in the Philippines also enter the top 10 of the most outstanding searches of 2013.

This list of the 10 most relevant searches in 2013 globally is compiled through categories such as the most outstanding people, the most outstanding events, and the most outstanding searches in 72 countries.

Users who want to know other global search trends of the year, can go to the Zeitgeist home page to find out about the top 100 searches of 2013, where they can explore one of them at home through Google Trends. They can also look back for a retrospective look at the year 2001. Google concludes by stating that it also has a 3D map that allows you to see the 2013 search trends per day in cities around the world by simply moving the globe and Select the city to see the most outstanding searches in it on any day of the year.

In this sense, the Washington Post describes some of the searches carried out in the city of Washington itself, where the search for what is twerking is striking.

The list of the 10 most outstanding global searches is as follows:

– Nelson Mandela– Paul Walker– iPhone 5s– Cory Monteith– Harlem Shake– Boston Marathon– Royal Baby– Samsung Galaxy s4– PlayStation 4– North Korea

While in Spain they are:

– Outlook– Paul Walker– Big Brother 14– Raquel Snchez-Silva– lvaro Bult– Eurovisin 2013– Ganda Shore– Line– Zalando– Apalabrados