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Google publishes the 50 most notable changes in searches last March

Google publishes the 50 most notable changes in searches last March

Although Google continues to focus efforts on improving and providing new features to its Google+ social network, it is also continuing to improve the quality of its main service, its search engine, which receives a tremendous amount of improvements and modifications on a continuous basis, which allows it to continue maintaining its quality, in many cases, above the rest of the competition’s search engines.

Precisely for the past month of March, 50 outstanding changes have been highlighted through its official blog, where we can find the use of mathematical symbols in search suggestions, improvements in the indexing of public profiles of social sites, improvements in maintaining the most up-to-date database possible, real-time results for the UEFA Champions League and super league, adjustments to the SafeSearch algorithm or improvements to the quality of the sites, among others.

50 outstanding changes that are said soon but that are great steps that are taken and that in many cases can go unnoticed by users, since they all make up a set of improvements that will eventually end up being noticed in the user experience.

Goes: Google Inside Search and Google Latin America (list of changes in Spanish)