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Google presents an improved version of ChromeVox


With almost 300 million people worldwide with some type of visual impairment, it is important to develop projects that allow access to information using resources of all kinds. ChromeVox is one of them, a screen reader for ChromeBook that has just won a new version.

The default Chromebook screen reader runs within Chrome OS 56 or higher, and can be easily activated using the Ctrl + Alt + Z key combination.

The goal is to make the current set of commands easier by making it easy to navigate through sites and applications without using the mouse. These options also allow you to navigate the Chromebook status tray, not just websites, which helps access options that were not previously available, such as a list of open tabs, voice options, etc.

In addition to the presence of ChromeVox, Chromebooks are also compatible with most screens that generate braille from what appears on the screen, and the new version of ChromeVox allows you to use commands on the keyboard of those Braille screens to navigate through from Chrome, instead of going from one keyboard to another on the Chromebook.

They have also included a new set of auditory functions that give contextual data, such as when a button, link, or checkbox has been reached on a page or when a page continues to load.

You can get more information in the accessibility section or in the video that we leave you here: