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Google presents a feed reader for Google Glass


News is coming in the world of software for Google Glass, new applications presented in this text, in the official Google Plus account, where we can see an application to read the Wall Street Journal, another to obtain weather-related alerts (tornadoes approach , cold front, etc.) and another to be able to read the news of our favorite media directly from Google glasses.

Yes, Winkfeed (at the moment only for beta testers) is a new application that shows the new news from the websites to which we have subscribed, without the need to blink (do not be fooled by the Wink of its name), receiving the information at the same time that it is published in the source .

Those of us who have hundreds of subscriptions in our usual feed reader will surely not find much use to it (it could be hell to receive a new news every minute in the viewfinder of the glasses), but for those who do not have that habit, and want to be updated constantly, it’s definitely a good idea.

The funny thing is that Google bet on RSS again, after killing Google Reader, including a feed reader on your Google Glass.