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Google Plus for iPhone and iPad already makes automatic backup of photos and videos in HD

Google  para iPhone  iPod touch y iPad en el App Store de iTunes

Automatic backup is the phrase of 2013. Dozens of options have been appearing to help users without much digital culture to have an automatic backup of all the photos stored on their devices. I say a lot of digital culture because the posts on the subject have already been looking for alternatives to back up their files, either with Dropbox, with MEGA, with Box, with Mediafire or with any of the many existing options.

What the average user is looking for is an option that allows a web backup of everything that is captured on their mobile phones, something like what MyShoeBox does, something like the iTunes function, but that is as transparent as possible, without Many buttons, with the word automatic well capitalized, and that is what Google Plus is offering now in its new version for iOS.

Backups of our photos and videos with the highest resolution (only for iOS 7), new design of the notification tray, possibility to share our location and see where our friends are, translate posts and comments, along with the classic corrections of bugs and performance improvements are the announced news.

We can already install the application in iTunes, or update it, in case google plus already occupies a space on your device.