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Google Play Music is now available for iPhone and iPad


Six months after the launch of Google Play Music All Access, reaches iOS devices, allowing you to put music around the block, where the options are not lacking.

Existing subscribers can log in today and listen to their playlists, those set up on the web and android. It is also possible to enjoy radio stations and free trials, remembering that this service has a monthly cost of $ 9.99 to be able to access the more than 18 million titles existing in its database.

It is still difficult to compete with already implemented services, such as Rdio, Deezer, iTunes or Spotify, although coming from the hands of Google they will surely find an original space that can offer something else (such as the possibility of saving our own mp3s, for example, something offered by Google Play Music with a limit of 20,000 songs per user).

They comment in The Verge that at the moment it is not possible to buy titles, just synchronize the content of our account and enjoy it on iPhone or iPad, although they will surely take little time to take this step.

They have taken so long for technical reasons, although they say they are quite satisfied with the result, allowing music to be played at up to 320 kbps and offering the possibility of connecting to speakers and other devices through AirPlay and Bluetooth.

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