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Google patents tattoo that is put on the throat and detects lies


The mobile division of Motorola, owned by Google, has filed a patent for a tattoo that can act as a microphone, a tattoo that would be implanted in the throat of users to capture their voice and transmit it to other devices.

The curious thing about the invention (so far it has not left the paper) is that it could detect subtle changes that would identify when the user is lying, as reported in the document:

The presentation explains how difficult it can be to have a clear conversation with a mobile phone in noisy environments, so a microphone stuck in the throat makes sense, since it would pick up the voice directly.

The document includes the ability to be programmed to respond to a variety of audio sources, including music, tones, and words. In fact the device could also be configured to transmit commands to the phone, which is useful when your hands are busy, all thanks to the energy that could be supplied in various ways, including mini solar panels.

What is most striking is the function of the lie detector:

[…] a galvanic skin response detector to detect the resistance of a user’s skin. It is contemplated that a user who may be nervous or telling lies may present different galvanic skin response.

What has been said, is currently only a patent, although it is clear that nobody usually patents anything if they do not have the idea of ​​developing it in the future …

Link: Patent Document | Goes The Register