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Google officially launches Google Play for Education in the United States

Aplicaciones educativas en Nexus 7

Announced in the past Google I / O 2013, the extension of Google Play focused on the educational field, Google Play for Education, has officially been launched. The idea is to provide teachers with access to educational applications, and that they can be installed on Android tablets of students from the same class or educational center with just one click. In addition to the applications, this extension will also have videos and educational content.

On the developer side, for their educational applications to be part of Google Play for Education, they must mark them for inclusion within the developer console, becoming in a queue to be reviewed and approved, receiving a grade level according to the GPfE (Google Play for Education) guidelines. Once they receive the approvals, they will already be part of GPfE, the developers receiving the corresponding notifications through an email message.

Please note that this initiative is geared towards the US K-12 education market, and for now revolves around tablets, encouraging developers to optimize their applications for 7 ″ and 10 ″ tablets.

In the Android Developers Blog announcement there is more information and links that point, among others, to the guide and requirements that the applications themselves must meet, as well as to a section for developers focused on applications intended for the educational field.