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Google officially launches Compute Engine

Google officially launches Compute Engine

Some of the services we enjoy today on the Internet use the computing infrastructures of a series of providers, the most prominent being Amazon’s own with its Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), which was launched in August 2006. There are also other providers of computing infrastructure, including Google itself with its Google Compute Engine, belonging to the Google Cloud Platform, which yesterday announced its general availability after being available for about 18 months as a preliminary version. , including a series of novelties, lower prices and guaranteeing that the service will be available 99.95% of the time.

Among the new features is the extension of the supported operating systems, going from Debian and CentOS with a custom kernel developed by Google that had from its preliminary version to any other Linux, including SELinux and CoreOS, and even allows you to choose any kernel or desired software. Support also comes to SUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (in limited preview), and FreeBSD.

The launch of three new preview instances with up to 16 cores and 104 gigabytes of RAM to improve computing power and memory for applications, faster and cheaper persistent disks and the 10% discount for standard instances make up the The rest of the news of this definitive launch, which will give security and tranquility to developers who trust Google Compute Engine.

The ad itself lists some of the clients that make use of the Google Compute Engine, such as Snapchat, Cooladata, Mendelics, Evite, and Wix. All the information together with the explanatory video itself is available in the advertisement itself.