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Google Maps Navigation and Voice Search available in Spain

Google Maps Navigation and Voice Search available in Spain

I just received the press release explaining that Google has already published the two tools that will help us to find information on our trips and to obtain instructions to reach our destination with mobile phones.

On the one hand the Voice search in Spanish it allows users to perform voice searches, instead of typing the words, on their Android 2.1, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian S60 phones. We can consult specific words, find the latest news on a topic, search for restaurants or hotels near a certain place, etc.

This feature converts oral speech to text, so searching the web on the go becomes easier and faster.

To use Google Search by voice, Android phone users will see a microphone icon in the search widget; iPhone users will need to access the iTunes store, while BlackBerry and Nokia S60 mobile users can download it from Nokia users who have already downloaded the Google Mobile App will need to get the new version to enable Voice Search.

On the other hand, Google Maps Navigation provides a GPS navigation system connected to the Internet or navigation via satellite, which offers detailed oral instructions on how to get to a destination. It is a free feature of Google Maps for phones with Android 1.6 and later versions.

Google Maps Navigation uses the phone’s Internet connection to provide the latest map and business information for the location that the user is interested in. You do not need to purchase map updates or manually update your device, you are always using the latest Google Maps data.

Google Maps Navigation has been created from scratch as a GPS system connected to the Internet, with the following functions:

Voice search: communicate your destination to the phone by voice.

Street view. navigation automatically switches to Street View as you approach your destination.

Satellite view. Visualize your route in satellite view with 3D aerial images and high resolution from Google.

Perform a search as in Google Maps. You don’t need to know the exact address. You can type the name of a business (eg, Starbucks) or a type of business (eg, Thai restaurant), just like you would on Google.

Search on the route. Search for any type of business on the route you are taking or activate layers such as gas stations, restaurants or parking lots.

To get Google Maps Navigation, search and download the latest version of Google Maps to your Android 1.6+ phone from the Android Market.

I leave you now with a gallery of photos and videos:

Images from Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation video

Voice Search Videos