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Google launches new tool for creating sales offers in minutes

Creacin de oferta

Like everything in life, things change, and the way to attract new customers too. Sellers currently have the necessary technological tools to reach potential customers who could make purchases in their own physical stores or on their own e-commerce pages. And if it were not enough, over time new tools are also incorporated to facilitate this task.

In this sense, Google announces through its blog Google Commerce the launch of a new self-update tool for all businesses in the United States, which will be available next week, and that will allow sellers to easily create offers to attract potential customers to their corresponding establishments.

With the offer creation tool, sellers can create their own offers in a matter of minutes and show them to local customers through Google, including Google Maps, where users will see their respective businesses highlighted with a blue label icon in case of looking for nearby places or similar businesses, alerting them of the offers. Potential clients will be able to see the offers through Google Offers based on a series of variables such as the location itself, tastes, and what they are looking for.

Sellers will only have to pay for the use of this service at the moment a customer has saved an offer, always within the chosen budget.

As they announced last July, this is one of the new ways to allow customers to learn about new offers according to their interests.