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Google launches local version of YouTube in Pakistan to lift the ban it had


Google has just launched a local version of YouTube for Pakistan which offers control to the country's authorities to be able to eliminate in that country those contents that they may consider offensive.

Update: From YouTube they report that the operation of the withdrawal of videos on the portal will be carried out as it is carried out globally, not the Government of Pakistan deciding whether to withdraw a video.

According to Reuters, with the launch of this local version, Google gets the country's authorities to allow YouTube to be available again three years after the ban that occurred in September 2012, when it was uploaded to the Google video platform. an anti-Islam movie that has sparked outrage and violent protests in the country's main cities.

In this sense, it is not the first time that Google and other technology companies have seen how some of their services have been banned in certain countries for religious reasons, having to take measures in this regard to try to make these services available again in those countries. countries for which they have to mediate negotiations and technical adaptations so that the authorities of said countries can lift the established prohibitions of said services.

However, there are voices that the prohibitions can go beyond merely religious issues, pointing out that they also go against freedom of expression.