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Google launches kit to facilitate the export of creations with Tilt Brush to other projects

mayo 23, 2020

At the beginning of last April (2016), Google launched Tilt Brush, an impressive application for drawing in three-dimensional space by using three-dimensional brushes, stars, lights and even fire, the results of which will depend on the gestures we make to through our hands. Obviously, we are talking about a specific application for Virtual Reality, focused on HTC's Virtual Reality glasses, HTC Vive.

Now, just a few months after its first anniversary, Google has just launched the Tilt Brush Toolkit, an open source library that allows you to export your creations to other creative projects, be they music videos, video games, movies or interactive stories, among other possibilities. This library is made up of scripts in Python and an SDK in Unity with everything necessary to enable the export of the creations made with Tilt Brush to those other creative projects.

Google points out that in this library you will find all the brush shaders, its reactive audio code, a simplified Unity import pipe, in addition to file format conversion utilities and several examples so that both amateurs and professionals can carry their creations Made with Tilt Brush to new projects available on other platforms.

In addition, they invite creators to share their projects under the hashtag #TiltBrush, which may be featured in Google's Virtual Reality account on Twitter: @googlevr.