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Google launches Google Consumer Survey for market analysis

Google launches Google Consumer Survey for market analysis

The opinion of consumers is very important in order to make the relevant decisions to improve the products and services offered to them, in order to improve their market position. A new tool that Google has just launched will allow to collect the necessary information from consumers through surveys.

This new service is called Google Consumer Survey and it allows, through consumer surveys, to carry out a detailed analysis according to the methodology used, with data and graphs. The service is not offered free of charge to those interested, who must pay for each response received, whether it is $ 0.10 if it is decided by the general demographic level or $ 0.50 if it is decided by a specific demographic target (at the moment it is paid by US response).

In addition, the conduct of surveys by consumers will allow them free access to premium content, be it videos, news, or other content that may be of special interest to them. The surveys will act as an entrance for access to said content. In addition, the editors who host the surveys will also be paid for it.

The creation of the surveys are very easy to carry out in a few steps, allowing the use of surveys from scratch or based on some of the existing templates.

Link: Google Consumer Survey | Goes: Techtudo