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Google launches Chrome Apps Developer Tool for Chrome app and extension developers

Chrome Apps Developer Too

Until now, developers of Chrome applications and extensions have had to go to the chrome: // extensions tab in developer mode to access tools that allow them, among other functions, to upload applications and extensions without packaging, launch them, or Inspect your pages. Well, for them, today Google offers a new tool that they can get from the Chrome Web Store called Chrome Apps Developer Tool, although that is, they must have the version 31.0.1650.8 of Chrome or higher so that they can be installed, since Otherwise, a message will appear indicating the cancellation of the installation.

According to the announcement, developers should have at least the latest version of Chrome Beta installed on their computers.

Chrome Apps Developer Tool works as a standalone application for Chrome and offers the same functionalities as said tab, improving the workflow, with a clearer and more intuitive design, incorporating the following advantages:

* Applications and extensions are displayed in separate tabs, thus reducing developer confusion when differentiating them * Packaged items and installed items are shown in separate lists * Allows individual update of specific applications and extensions with a single click * The most common actions of each item are now more accessible * The list can now be filtered in the search box at the top right of the page

In this way, developers already have this tool to help them create their applications and extensions for Chrome, much more organized and with more facilities that will surely come in handy.