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Google launches a new version of Sheets, its “excel” that now works offline


At we have the option to test the new Google Sheets, the spreadsheet application that exists within Google Drive and that offers a new version that, among other things, can be used without the need for an Internet connection.

Announced on the Google blog, and featured in the video above, it is capable of managing larger spreadsheets (something that many Microsoft Excel users ask for). You can work with millions of cells and perform the calculations faster than with the previous version, allowing you to easily switch from one view to another with a new option called Filter Views, explained on this support page, in Spanish .

The purpose of filter views is to be able to create, name and save filters that we can use without changing the way others see the spreadsheet, thus helping us to work independently seeing what interests us most, without affecting the rest of people who use the same sheet.

They have also included a system that helps create formulas, ideal for those who don’t know them by heart, and allows large texts to be applied to cells on the side, without having to manually mix them.

Even with all these new features, what is most striking is the possibility of working without the Internet, only for Chrome, allowing the data to be updated with the online version once a connection to the web is detected.