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Google joins forces with operators to end WhatsApp

Google joins forces with operators to end WhatsApp

Google joins forces with operators to end WhatsApp

Google continues in its efforts to create a true rival who faces WhatsApp. His bet, together with the operators, comes after the summer.

If we think about applications of instant messenger WhatsApp is the first name that comes to mind. WhatsApp is a giant with hundreds of millions of users worldwide and, in the case of Spain, it has tremendous penetration.

Google has spent years trying to create an alternative that fits between the public and has not had the desired success. Hangouts will become a tool focused on productivity and the welcome of Alloy Duo is anecdotal. In a few months, together with some of the main brands in the mobile phone scene, they will launch their new messenger service.

The new Google messenger with RCS technology

A little over a year ago Google introduced RCS, the technologyRich Communications Servicesthat they developed with the intention of burying SMS and making it the new industry standard.

During these months Google has been working on it and, as confirmed by Expansion, the company would be preparing to launch the new messaging service for after the summer, and be careful because it will not do it alone.

Google has made good friends, it already has agreements with 27 operators from around the world and device manufacturers first level. Among those partners are prominent names such as Vodafone, Orange, Sprint, Sony, Motorola, LG or ZTE.

Android Messages, the application 100% integrated in the system

His name be Android Messages And, as you can imagine, it will be a messaging application that will start your steps on Android, the largest mobile operating system on the planet.

The advantage to have Google? Fully arrive integrated into the systemTherefore, users will find the application on their smartphones from the 1st day they purchase them, seeing the options to send not only text messages, but also images, files, locations, videos and more.

Of course, the fact that it arrives pre-installed on hundreds of millions of mobile phones does not guarantee the success of a service either. We must not forget that WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger already have millions of users and, more importantly, they have their friends and contacts also there, why change?