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Google is abandoning MySQL to migrate to MariaDB


The result, surely, of the eternal fight between Oracle and Google, which started when Oracle (who owns Java and MySQL, since buying Sun in 2010) prosecuted Google accusing the company of infringing Java licenses in Android development (the In case Google won it, although it has not yet been closed), MySQl continues its path to oblivion within the company responsible for the largest Internet search engine existing today.

This has been confirmed this week, when Jeremy Cole, Google’s senior engineer, commented at a conference on Extremely Large Databases (XLDB), at Stanford University, who are working to migrate all their MySQl instances to MariaDB.

The details are discussed in The Register, in an article where we see that Google has been working with the MariaDB Foundation since early 2013 seeking help to perform a huge migration in the way it saves data, with thousands of MySQL servers involved in the process. From MariaDB they are developing specific functions to perform the migration in Google.

MariaDB ( is an open source database backed by Monty Widenius, who spearheaded the original MySQL development. It is very compatible with MySQL since it has the same commands, interfaces, APIs and libraries, but Google has modified its MySQl during the last years to have a customized version, so migration can be more painful than usual in these cases.

Google abandons, thus, MySQL, we will now see who are the ones who follow their path. WordPress uses MySQL, so millions of blogs around the world depend on Oracle, will they follow in Google’s footsteps?