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Google Introduces Google Adsense Certified Partner Program


There are many companies that can help us manage our ads in Google Adwords, but there are few that are in charge of optimizing ads in our environment to obtain more income through Google Adsense.

That is what Google is working on, in having a database of certified companies that have the appropriate knowledge and means to help webmasters optimize their adsense earnings.

And it is not as easy as putting a huge banner on top, another on the side and another below, each medium has its own characteristics, each type of content requires a specific structure and the banners have to be integrated in such a way that a proper balance between what we want to disclose and what we want to announce.

Google adsense recommendations tell us that 468 banners are not very effective, that graphic ads generate more income, that the large 160 × 600 is a success … but that is not true for all sites, so A personalized treatment is necessary for the media that want to optimize their presence in the Google ad network.

The Google Adsense certified companies program is presented here, with the official website at, where they discuss the requirements that companies must have to obtain the certificate and the benefits that can be obtained. get.