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Google+ introduces a new way to explore and discover content

Google Plus

The Google team is testing a new dynamic to help Google+ users discover content of their interest.

As announced, users will find a new tab in the top bar that invites us to Explore, but in a different way. The idea is that we can discover content by choosing the themes that arouse our curiosity.

For example, we will be presented with different categories with related publications as a summary, but with the possibility of delving further into the subject that interests us. We can also choose to explore the subcategories that are presented or simply search for a specific topic by exploring through the hashtags.

So, if for example we are interested in photography, we can choose this category so that the results automatically focus on that topic, providing us with relevant publications or suggestions for sub-categories to explore. Instead of browsing results that we are not interested in, we can specifically choose what information we want.

Following the example, within Photographs, we can select #HDR and focus on the publications that users or communities have shared on the subject. This new feature is intended to be used from both the desktop and Android versions, although at the moment it will only be available to US users, but with the promise of extending it to everyone at some point.