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Google integrates new options to its search engine to explore related topics


The Google team has announced two new options, which simplify the process of using the search engine to delve into certain topics.

One of the novelties expands the information provided by In-depth articles presented a few months ago, with a new link at the end of the block that opens up the possibility of going through up to 10 articles, which can help to delve into the topic we are investigating. We just have to display the corresponding option to access that information and choose the options that are interesting to us.

Other options that we find in some articles is that they will suggest related topics to explore. For example, if we look at the image we shared at the beginning of the article, when looking for information about Syria, we would be suggested other lines of investigation, such as its history, the relationship with Obama, among others.

Both options can be useful both if we search with a clear objective since it will save us a couple of clicks when grouping the most relevant articles on the subject, or if we have a research topic but we do not know from which angle we can approach it.

These options are only available on, and have not determined that this update will be extended to other users at this time.