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Google Hangouts 2.0 comes to Android


Google has just published the expected version 2.0 of Hangouts for Android, of which we have already known its characteristics but which we can now make available to our terminals with its free installation or update from Google Play.

This new version adds support for SMS messages, and for higher Android 4.0 terminals also for MMS multimedia messages, so we can send and receive traditional text messages directly through Hangouts. In this way, Hangouts 2.0 incorporates the management of SMS messages that until now we have used through other applications, although in any case, we can quickly switch between SMS messages and Hangouts whenever we need it. In case of using Android 4.4 KitKat, the system itself offers us the possibility of establishing the default application for the management of our SMS messages.

In addition, one of the things that is most shared on Google+ is animated GIFs, something that we can also do through Hangouts from this same version, so that we can share and enjoy the funny adventures of animals or the silly things that some people do in front of the camera, among other types of animated GIF images.

We may find ourselves in a conversation in which we want our contacts to know where we are, either because we are in a different and unique restaurant or for any other reason we can think of. Well, Hangouts 2.0 gives us that possibility, that of sharing the locations within the conversations themselves, including within the same images of the Google Maps of our locations.

Finally, Hangouts 2.0 allows us to share the device we are using, indicate if we are answering a call in progress, or indicate our current state of mind.

Link: Hangouts 2.0 for Android