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Google gives us photography tools worth 150 dollars

Google gives us photography tools worth 150 dollars

Google gives us photography tools worth 150 dollars

Google has just presented a very special gift for fans of photography: the free Nik Collection tools.

In 2012 Google bought Nik, a specialized photography company, most famous for being the developer of Snapseed, one of the best apps for iOS.

The steps that Google took next fit perfectly with his philosophy; Instead of charging for the app and limiting it to a single system, Google released Snapseed for Android and made it completely free.

You can now get the Nik Collection tools for free

But Snapseed is not the only interesting product from Nik, there is also the Nik Collection, a selection of extensions and tools geared towards the user who wants to get more out of his photographs. Finally today Google has announced that we can download the entire collection for free.

These tools are designed to be used in various Adobe products: Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture, so if you don’t really use these programs, this gift won’t do you much good.

But if you use them regularly, the Nik Collection includes everything you could want, from curious effects for your photos to tools to improve the quality and image as much as possible. The tools are:

  • Analog Efex Pro. Add effects to your photos to make them look like they were taken with classic cameras.
  • Color Efex Pro. 55 color filters to give a different touch to your photos.
  • Silver Efex Pro. Create black and white photos emulating different types of film.
  • Liveliness. Adjusts the color and hue in specific areas of a photo.
  • HDR Efex Pro. Add HDR effects to your photos.
  • Sharpener Pro. Increase the sharpness of your photos to reveal even the smallest detail.
  • Dfine. Noise reduction adapted to each type of camera.

Originally these tools cost $ 499, and then Google lowered the price to $ 149. Now we can get them all for free, we just have to go to the project page and download them. And if we had already bought these tools, Google will return the money if the purchase was made in 2016. They are available for Windows and Mac.

Download Nik Collection