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Google+ for Android, with Android Beam and Daydream support for photos and automatically update locations

Google+ para Android

Virgil Dobjanschi has announced through Google+ the new features that the new version of the Google+ mobile application for Android, 4.2.3, will offer to users, which go beyond the typical bug fixes and performance improvements.

For starters, opening the Location tab will automatically update the locations of the contacts on the map. But also, the photos will have support for both Android Beam and DayDream. In the first case, users have the option to share their photos through NFC (Near Field Communication) just by joining the backs of their devices. In the second, users will see a selection of their photos as a screensaver when their devices are located in their docks or are charging their batteries, although it must be borne in mind that they must have DayDream activated, which can be done within the options of display settings from Jelly Bean.

Finally, the exposure details for each photograph will now be available within the dropdown menu.

According to the announcement, the update of the application will be available gradually, so that there may be users who cannot test the new features, taking into account that our terminals are compatible. According to Android Police, Google has mistakenly left a debug code within the application, causing problems for those first users who have updated. Luckily, a fully corrected version is already running, which already hints at the need for gradual distribution.