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Google+ for Android now has five new features


Vic Gundotra has announced through his Google+ profile the worldwide launch of the Google+ mobile application for Android, under version 4.2.4, which in addition to the typical bug fixes and performance improvements, lists five new features that focus on improving our user experience and some other fun features, according to the dates in which we live.

Precisely, the first characteristic listed is rather for our amusement, since allows us to incorporate snow into our photos simply by shaking our devices. The operation is very simple, since we only have to open a photo and shake our devices, where we will soon see the snow fall. Finally, if we shake our devices again, we will save the photo.

The second feature is focused on improving our experience of use, exactly on our experience when searching. According to the announcement, all kinds of searches that we can carry out in just one search field are unified where to enter the terms about messages, users, photos and communities that we want to find.

The third characteristic allows us to establish who we want to receive notifications through vibrations through our terminals, where we only have to go to the configuration option of who can notify us to make the adjustment, so that we can receive vibrations notifications from people such as family and / or important friends, ignoring the rest.

The fourth characteristic speaks of the content navigation by categories, so that when navigating through the highlights stream, we can filter by a specific category, which helps us to go deeper into the content under the category we have selected.

And fifth, also a fun feature according to the time we are in, allows us to spread love at these parties. It only indicates that when we mark +1 in the post of the stream, we will see something beautiful. It will have to be verified, although it is certainly a measure that encourages participation.

The availability of this new version is gradual, so if we can already get hold of it, we can enjoy these new five features that we have just been offered.