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Google+ expands availability of custom URLs

Google Plus

Among the multiple innovations that have been released on Google+ in the last few hours, we find an interesting detail expected by most users: custom URLs. These had been released last year for some pages and users, but now the announcement is that the possibility is beginning to be extended to all those who meet the requirements:

For profile: have 10 followers or more, an account with a minimum of 30 days of age and a profile photo. For Pages: be linked to their respective websites. For Google+ Local Pages: be a verified local company.

If we meet those requirements then we will be qualified to be assigned a custom URL. We just have to wait for a notification in our Google+ profile with the message: Custom URL has been pre-approved: .. , to continue with all the instructions to activate it.

Or through our email with the notice: Now you can use a unique custom URL from Google+ to easily direct users to your profile (endless URLs are over)

If we are not satisfied with the URL assigned to us, we can request a different one. If we choose this, we will have to specify the name that we want to integrate and the reason for the change.

If the new URL we request is available, we will be asked to take a few extra steps to finish the process. One detail to keep in mind is that once we have accepted the URL we will not be able to change it.