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Google Drive improves folder management


An interesting update for those who use Google Drive from the web, as they will find a new way to manage their folders.

Now we will find the quick actions on a new menu that will be displayed when touching the folder icon, as shown in the image.

From the menu we can change the properties of the folder, without having to complicate ourselves with extra clicks. We will find all the options that we already know, such as changing the name of the folder, customizing the color, viewing general information, sharing, downloading the content, among other actions.

We can also see with a simple glance who we have shared the folders with, since their profile photos will appear at the top. And if it is a public folder, then we will find an icon that will inform us of it, along with a link to share and the option to change the configuration

Another detail that we will notice is that we will be able to visualize the hierarchy of the folders, with the possibility of navigating between them with a simple click, and each one having the same options. They are small details that make it easier to manage the content that we save in Google Drive, with the main options always in view so as not to waste time, or complicate ourselves with too many clicks.

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