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Google creates special category of apps about Coronavirus for Android

coronavirus android

There is a lot of information about the coronavirus on the Internet, but the vast majority are false data, texts created to scare people and make them panic, without scientific basis.

That not only happens with articles on web pages, it also happens with the apps available in the android app store, and Google wants to prevent people from misinforming using those resources.

To do this, a new category has been created, a section dedicated to recommending apps about coronaviruses, a list that can be seen at this link.

It can be accessed on the Store website or on the Mobile Apps tab underneath, although it is not the top one. In the list we see the CDC app, the American Red Cross, Doctor on Demand, News360, Medical ID and Twitter (which also shows selected results when we search for COVID-19).

The section is country specific, and will show a different set of applications depending on where we are.

On the other hand, to prevent people from downloading and installing untrustworthy coronavirus apps, you have disabled the search results:

It is possible that these search results end up integrating with the new section, so that when we look for information about apps with virus data, it will show those previously filtered by the company.

It is a controversial movement, since much information is being censored for a greater good, although it is not the first time that we see something like this.