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Google creates a page with various tools specific to Typhoon Yolanda

Typhoon Yolanda crisis

The front pages of the mainstream media are echoing these days of the devastating effects that Typhoon Yolanda has been causing as it passes through the Philippines primarily, as well as to other places nearby. Google also wants to contribute its grain of sand by helping users to obtain the information they need by creating the crisis page for typhoon Yolanda, where it includes several tools, highlighting in its statement two, Google Person Finder and Typhoon Yolanda Relief Map.

Through Google Person Finder, users have two ways of use, either to search for people, with the idea of ​​knowing the status of affected family and friends or to provide information, either from the first person or from well-known people, thus giving utility to this tool as more information is provided. In addition, Google has thought about mobile device users, allowing them to request to know the status of people through SMS messages, having a series of numbers depending on the subscribers to the different telephone operators.

Typhoon Yolanda Relief Map It is the second tool highlighted in that announcement, which offers updated information on shelters and other data on the disaster area obtained from different sources.

The page is complemented by access to official information from the Philippine Government itself as well as the possibility of making donations through a series of NGOs.

Regarding the two prominent tools, they can be included within other websites, providing the necessary instructions so that those interested can include Google Person Finder on their respective websites, and regarding the crisis map, in addition to being included On websites, they can also be shared by email as well as through different social media.