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Google could launch its multimedia center called Nexus TV next year, according to rumors


There is a saying that when the river sounds water carries. What sounds now is a new rumor about the launch of a multimedia center by Google and that would be named after Nexus TV, a device that would carry Android as standard and that would allow users to watch our favorite videos, listen to music, and even install applications and games from Google Play. Continuing the rumor, this new device would be inexpensive, it could have a camera for video conferencing and gesture recognition in the Microsoft Kinetic style, and also, it would be available within the first half of next year.

And where does this rumor come from? Well, precisely from a publication by Amir Efrati on, based on the information provided by a Google employee whose name has not been disclosed. Of course, this new device would not have live television broadcasts to avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with traditional providers.

And is that one of the things that Google has pending is to conquer the living rooms of homes, where Google TV has not had the expected success, and also, the Nexus Q never went on sale. That s, who does seem to be relatively successful is the HDMI stick called Chromecast, whose cost is about 35 dollars.

At the moment it is just that, rumors, but that already existed, precisely since last July, as The Verge reports, where the publication The Wall Street Journal reported that Andy Rubin already showed a device of this style to closed door at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

We will see if it finally becomes a reality, and if Google finally achieves its goal of being on our televisions.