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Google Chrome extensions for web designers

Excellent article of the mandatory SixRevision where they indicate some important extensions for Chrome for any web designer.

Here I leave you with them, I hope they help you increase the level of productivity.

Awesome Screenshot

Ideal for taking screenshots of various types. We can write or draw on the captures made, being ideal for those who want to comment on some function of a certain web page.

Web Developer

An excellent collection of tools for those who want to work with web templates, analyze HTML content, determine colors and many other functions related to the structure of a web.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

It shows us data on how the websites we are visiting have been made. Ideal for web designers who are starting in this world and want to have a knowledge database based on examples from other websites.

Window Resizer

It allows to simulate different sizes of web browser, being ideal to know what our design looks like in various resolutions.


It allows us to increase our productivity by establishing a time limit in our daily browsing session. This prevents us from spending more time than expected watching videos on YouTube and focusing more on our tasks.


Calendar integrated with Google Calendar. It allows to synchronize our professional and academic calendar with the deadlines established in the web designs

Diigo Web Highlighter and Bookmark

It allows us to create notes on any text that we select on the web. Ideal for those who don’t want to save an entire page when all they want is a paragraph. It can be used to share knowledge between a work group.

GradeGuru Citation Manager

The best extension to save sources and quotes. He can compete with the famous Zotero, although, from my point of view, he still has a long way to go.


To access Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Yahoo IM and others from one place. It allows us to save a lot of time when consulting the data of the different content networks.

Chromey Calculator

For Google and Wolfram | Alpha users. It allows you to perform calculations of various types without having to leave the browser.

EM Calculator

To convert pixels to em.


Firebug is extremely popular in Firefox, with a version lite for Google Chrome. Although it is not as robust as Firefox’s Firebug, remember that Chrome already includes many tools for those who work with code in Google Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + J).