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Google buys Boston Dynamics, the company that makes impressive robots


Surely you have already seen the videos of the robots created by Boston Dynamics, those that walk like horses, or that move like spiders in the middle of the jungle. Take a look at and you will see why the awesome word falls short.

Well the news of the day is even more impressive: Google has bought the company, as reported in The New York Times.

There is no information on the value of such an operation, but I do know that Boston Dynamics’ contract with the Defense Agency Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a contract of more than $ 10 million to offer robots that can be used in the military field.

Andy Rubin, who was already responsible for the Android division within Google, announces the operation on Twitter, being quite encouraged with the possibilities that this offers in the future. It seems that I left android to stop working on mobile phones and start working with real androids.

We await the official news from Google to better understand the objective of this purchase, although it seems that the company is ready to conquer the world in all its sectors. If Amazon send our packages with drones, Google will end up doing it with robots-horse knocking on the door. In fact it is the eighth company bought by Google and related to robotics, although none of the previous ones had the name and popularity on the Boston Dynamics website.

We leave you with some of the company’s videos: