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Google+ Auto Backup for desktop allows us to make copies of our images and videos

Google+ Auto Backup for Desktop

As with mobile devices, on our desktops we can also automatically make backup copies of the photos and videos that we host locally in the different storage units that we have in them to have them available in our Google+ accounts. For this we must have installed the Google+ Auto Backup application, which we can acquire when installing the latest version of Picasa for Windows and Mac, although it will work independently and in the background, and where after its installation, we only have to indicate the folders we want synchronize them to make the relevant backups.

All the images we have uploaded will occupy the space we have in Google Drive, so if we do not want these images to account for the space they occupy, we only have to go to the application to activate the resizing of images to standard size, so that the images that we upload no longer count within the space quota that users have assigned. With resized images, the longest size of each will be a maximum of 2048px. In any case, the images that we have uploaded will by default be private, which will allow users to decide whether to keep them that way or to allow their access publicly.

As G.O.S. indicates, we can organize our photos by dates in the Google+ highlights section, in addition to that we can search for the backup copies of our photos taken from our desktop computers using the hashtag #desktop.

If we already have Picasa installed, we should only see if we already use the latest version, and if not, update it. This version of Picasa also brings another series of new features, such as support for RAW files from other cameras, new limits on file sizes, etc.