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Google announces the renewal of its news space on mobile devices

Google Noticias

Many of us will have already changed our consumption habits, and among other things, we already consult daily the news of the moment through our own mobile devices, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Google, which takes advantage of it to improve its service. of news. The announcement was made yesterday, where it specifies that the news will first reach users in the United States in the coming days, although it will soon reach international versions.

One of the aspects that has been improved is precisely that of appearance, thus seeking that users have clearer readings and differentiated from the rest, also helping us with the configuration possibilities, so that we can choose the clear theme or theme dark, according to our preferences, or even have more information on the news cards. But in addition to the clearer and more personalized readings, navigation has been another of the improved aspects, which has been simplified, so that by pressing the logo on the upper left, we will see the list of sections, among which are our custom sections. The Google Feedback service is better integrated.

In addition, a weather widget is incorporated in the local section, the Editors Picks function is added, and what could bother some users, the inclusion of Google+ social comments related to the news we are reading.

All these news can be enjoyed by users sooner or later when we access from mobile web browsers such as Chrome or Safari from Android or iOS respectively.