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Google announces important changes to its extensions policy


Programmers who have extensions in Google Chrome or who are thinking of creating one soon, will have to review in detail the new policy published on the subject.

The objective is that the extensions are easy to understand, with a single objective, that they prevent navigation from slowing down or that the user who installs it only uses 5% of all its functionalities, which is why those who have extremely complex extensions , surely they will have to separate them into several easier ones so that the end user decides exactly what they want on their Chrome.

Simplicity, that is the summary of the new policy, no giant monsters installed in the browser, no heavy extensions in your Store, and that applies from now on in the new plugins and will apply in June 2014 in all installed.

Although they acknowledge in the published note that it can be technically difficult to perform that task, they promise to focus on avoiding the installation of navigation bars and components that harm the user experience. Programmers will have to find other ways to make money, and the fact that extensions can now be sold is a symbol that Google prefers to create a system for buying and selling simple plugins than a universe of extensions full of advertising banners.