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Google analytics API now allows more integration with adsense


Which pages of our site are the ones that generate more money with adsense advertising, which pages are very visited but do not generate as much money as other less popular ones, which traffic sources are the ones that generate more money … these three questions can now be answered with the new integrations that Google announces between Analytics (website statistics platform) and Adsense (advertising platform used by sites to generate ad revenue).

This integration cannot be seen within Google Analytics yet, but we can execute the queries in Query explorer, as announced on their blog. We just have to click on the corresponding link of each query and select the data and dates that the system must use to obtain the desired results.

If you have an own program that uses the API, you can use these three new functions to generate data, making it possible to create a custom google analytics, with the specific reports that we want for our account.

Although it is useful information, it is important not to be tempted to write only about the topics that generate the most money, readers will appreciate that the concerns are other, although it is always important to know the most lucrative topics on our site.