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Google already allows us to connect our Panoramio account with Google+


Continuing with the dynamics of Google to connect all its services to Google+, today a new integration has been added. From the Panoramio blog they announce the possibility of connecting the account we have in this service to our Google+ profile.

The idea is, according to what they have expressed, to expand the exposure of the photographs of the users of Panoramio and connect them with the large community of photographers that has been created in Google + -. The process is very simple, we just have to follow the link Connect your Google+ account with Panoramio.

Once the accounts are connected, as defined in the FAQ, our Panoramio account will reflect the data presented in our Google+ profile. This action does not modify the content that we have shared within Panoramio, nor our interaction in the groups, and continue to respect the guidelines that we have established in the privacy settings.

A detail to take into account is that this action is irreversible, if we have not taken precautions before we will not be able to return to the alias that we used in Panoramio, nor will we have the option to change the Google account that we have linked. A solution that they propose from the Google team to maintain the nickname that we used in Panoramio, is to add it in our Google+ profile as explained from Google+ Profile Name Policy