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Google AdSense for Android releases version 2.0

Google AdSense

When managing the income received through AdSense advertising, it is not only important to have all the necessary information, but also to display it as clearly and clearly as possible on any platform from which it is consulted, whether in desktops or mobile devices. The new version 2.0 of Google AdSense for Android goes in this direction, where in addition to the improvements introduced in the user interface, it now also offers more metrics (page views, clicks, CPC, CTR and RPM), detailed metric graphics, parameters and periods other than time, as well as the inclusion of additional reports regarding countries, products and platforms.

Of course, Google AdSense 2.0 for Android is intended to be used under Android devices from version 4.0 onwards, both from smartphones and tablets.

If we analyze some of the most recent comments received in your Google Play file, we can see how version 2.0 of Google AdSense for Android includes some of the demands requested by users, such as more information, new metrics or the possibility of making inquiries to different periods of time, something for which those users who requested these benefits, can already have them in the palm of their hands.

If we are still thinking about whether to install it on our own mobile terminals, to reach a conclusion we can look at the different screenshots we have in its Google Play tab, which will allow us to make our own decisions.