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Google adds native MySQL connections to Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Platform

Google announces that it has included support for native MySQL connections to its Google Cloud SQL service, which is a complete MySQL management service hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. In this way, according to the announcement itself, they open up standards and expand the tools that customers can choose, technologies and architectures.

They also speak of the MySQL Wire protocol as the standard connection protocol for MySQL databases whereby the Cloud SQL database can be accessed from almost any application from anywhere, listing a number of advantages:

– Low latency connections of applications run on Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine.

– Use all your favorite tools like MySQL Workbench, Toad and MySQL command line tool to manage your Cloud SQL instances.

– Use standard drivers such as Connector / J, Connector / ODBC, and Connector / NET making it exceptionally easy to access Cloud SQL from most applications.

– Replication to external MySQL databases for low latency connections and easy migration.

The native connection also offers great flexibility and control over the management and implementation of the databases in the cloud, where Google uses DBMoto or DBShards as examples.

It is certainly not a major upgrade, especially if we compare it to the previous one, where it offered ten times more storage, faster reading, faster writing, availability of data centers in the European Union, and the integration with Google Apps Script.

Developers will now have the final word on whether to use Cloud SQL for their own projects.