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Go saying goodbye to Windows Control Panel

Go saying goodbye to Windows Control Panel

Go saying goodbye to Windows Control Panel

The Windows Control Panel has two newscasts left, judging by Microsoft’s latest decisions.

The control panel is one of those parts of Windows that seems to have been with us forever; and it’s not that it seems, it’s that it’s true that all versions of Windows have offered somewhere similar from which to access all the system configuration.

From the control panel we can change everything we need from our system, without having to search each part separately. Whether you want to configure your new hardware, uninstall a program or add a user, there is only one place you have to go, and that is very convenient.

The Windows Control Panel has accompanied us for generations

At the same time, that one place will bring up the entire system configuration can become overwhelming for users, especially if it is the first time that they have to touch something that they do not know.

Presenting all those hitting possibilities can only help confuse the novice user and That this ends up touching what should not. In addition, as we have already made clear, the Control Panel has a couple of decades on top, with a design that has not changed much since then.

Hence, with the arrival of Windows 8 and its strange predilection for touch screens, Microsoft decided to introduce its successor, which it’s simply called Windows Settings. Seriously, Microsoft? Is that the name you want to change a classic definition with like Control Panel?

Opinions on the name apart, Settings disappointed as much as Windows 8 for being clearly designed to be used with the finger instead of a mouse, but above all because it does not include all the possibilities of the Control Panel.

With the arrival of Windows 10 and the successive updates, Microsoft has been working on this, to such an extent that you already feel comfortable removing access to the Control Panel so that we get used to Configuration.

How Microsoft is removing access to the Control Panel

That’s what has happened in Windows 10 labuild 14942 Windows Insider users have received the version to test new Windows functionalities before they reach the final version. What’s new here will likely arrive in Windows 10 Redstone 2, the big update expected in the second quarter of 2017 (the anniversary update was the first Redstone).

And what we find is that accessing the Control Panel is somewhat more difficult. Until now many advanced users used a shortcut to access the Control Panel, simply by right-clicking on the start menu, or pressing Win + X.

In this way, a quick menu is opened from which we can access various menus and functions of the system, among which is the Control Panel.; in build14942 that entry is gone, and has been replaced by Windows Settings.

Of course we can access the same window by simply typing Control Panel in the file browser address bar, and a small modification has already been discovered in the registry that recovers the original link, but the final conclusion of all this is that Microsoft does not want the Control Panel to be the first thing we look for to configure the equipment.

Instead, we can expect the company to push users into Settings, though we don’t know yet if it will by adding more functionality to this tool as there is no official confirmation yet.