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Gnoss links data with Freebase and launches tool to migrate from Ning

Gnoss links data with Freebase and launches tool to migrate from Ning is a space of interlocking networks with structured data that works in the open. In its latest version, has linked its data with Freebase, a website that works with a collaborative database based on the content generated by its community and which, in turn, is linked to Wikipedia. It should be noted that Freebase is a project that has been recently acquired by Google.

But, What are we talking about when we refer to structured data? . When data is structured we teach machines to think like us. We are talking about what many call web 3.0, a website that increases the possibilities of connection, collaboration and communication of the social web through intelligence and reasoning. Thus, more efficient searches can be carried out, based on the meanings of the contents and generate contexts for the information.

Ricardo Alonso Maturana, CEO of, explains it in this video:

A practical example? In the Semantic Web Science resource, pay attention to the resource tags: iswc, semantic web, semantic web science association, swsa, Web Semantics. In two of them iswc and semantic web-, you will see a linked data icon. Pass over him. A window will appear offering more content. In the case of semantic web, you will see background information with all the knowledge about semantic web that is available in Freebase. Thus, thanks to the fact that links its data with Freebase, your community resources have rich content as long as there is an entry in Freebase with the concept with which you have tagged your resource-.

To contextualize, it should be noted that works on the technologies and standards of the semantic web, which makes it possible, on the one hand, to structure and link with each other and with the interests of people all kinds of content (Linked Data) and, on the other, it reinforces and amplifies the knowledge management processes with intelligent searches and the generation of documentary and personal contexts for a certain information.

The link to the Freebase data coincides in time with the release of the latest version of Among other new features, the personal profile on becomes a personalized work or learning environment (PLE). The user can see all their activity on the network and has the option of customizing their space to the maximum. The profile is enabled to include all the sources of knowledge that the user deems appropriate. In this way, you can insert widgets, gadgets. The PLE is completed with the relationships of the users, the management of their subscriptions and the messaging. In turn, the version responds to one of the most common requests on a tool to migrate a community from Ning to