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Gmail will automatically show the images of the emails


The Google team has announced changes in the way of exposing the images that reach our emails. Until now, when we receive emails from unknown senders, we are asked to show them, as a way to protect the integrity of our account and equipment.

Now that process is no longer necessary, since the images will be automatically displayed when opening the email. It does not mean that we have less security, but that Google has changed the process when handling images:

Gmail provides all images through Google’s image proxy servers and transcodes them before sending them to protect users as follows: Senders cannot use image upload to obtain information, such as your IP address or your location Senders cannot set or read cookies in the browser Gmail checks if the images contain known viruses or malicious software.

We will be able to see this change from the desktop version starting today, extending this option iOS and Android at the beginning of next year. But if we want to block images from certain senders, we can go to settings and customize this option.