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Gmail launches new interface for iPad in its mobile application

GMail para iPad

Despite the fact that users can access their email inboxes through their own smart mobile phones and perform the most common functions, the reality is that the screens of the tablets offer greater comfort, so as far as possible. possible, mobile email applications should take advantage of these screens offering a better experience, something that just happened a few hours ago with the GMail application for iOS, whose update offers a new look for iPad users, as just announced.

One of the new features they will find when they have their terminals in landscape mode, so they will have the new navigation sidebar, which will allow you to quickly switch between multiple accounts, switch between the different categories of the inbox, or even know the new email messages in each category through a built-in counter.

The ad also hints at the immersive experience of reading individual messages in portrait mode, about scrolling performance improvements, and about composing messages in full screen. It ends by indicating some visual changes made on iPhone and iPad for iOS7, which is an interesting update that users can access from now through the Apple App Store to take it to their terminals.

This version, GMail 2.7182 for iOS, requires terminals from iOS 6 version onwards, being available in multiple languages, including Spanish.