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GMail adds new actions to quick action buttons

Acciones rpidas

Months ago, we already told you about the integration of quick action buttons in email messages through the GMail service, which allows us to perform a series of actions on them without the need to open them, related to the contents of such messages. At the moment, few actions are implemented, although it also gave developers the option to create their own buttons so that users can interact with the email messages they receive from them.

Well, as announced by Google through the official GMail blog, new quick actions are now included, allowing us to make reviews and classifications of restaurants such as Seamless, modify reservations through OpenTable, save offers from Google Offers, Watch the videos uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo, open a Dropbox folder, or even see a document from Google Docs, spreadsheets or presentations that have been shared with us, all without opening the contents of the messages. We can also see the status of our flights in real time, register as attendees as events, among other options.

Undoubtedly, the quick action buttons open a world of possibilities, thus improving productivity, so that users are not forced to analyze the contents of the messages we receive to find the links that allow us to do certain actions, which It makes Gmail a very functional and interactive mail system.