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Global Forest Change, mapping global deforestation from 2000 to 2012


Thanks to the collaboration of Google engineers (using Google Maps technology) with the geography department of the University of Maryland, we receive a detailed terrestrial map that shows us the evolution of all the world’s forests from 2000 to 2012 , an evolution that unfortunately translates into deforestation.

In the Global Forest Change map we will see how phenomena such as fire, tornadoes or forest clearance have affected the global landscape. Collecting data from more than 600,000 images per satellite, on the map we can display different types of data: the gain of forest areas in this period 2000-2012, the loss of forest areas, the extent of green areas at the geographical level.

The curious thing is to visualize different areas in detail to find out exactly where there has been significant deforestation, and it is the same map that suggests us to observe example areas such as the Russian and Finnish forests, the forests of Indonesia or the vegetation of the zone of Alabama, all of them affected by deforestation or natural phenomena such as tornadoes.

Some conclusions that have been reached from the analyzed data are, for example, that Sumatra has lost more than 50% of its forest area in the last 30 years or that today Paraguay is suffering a phenomenon of deforestation at alarming speeds. due to the construction of cattle ranches.