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Give visibility to your small online fashion store with Inzity


Both for the user who likes to search for special products online and for the merchant who wants to give more visibility to their fashion store, the Inzity online store platform is an interesting option to look at. Perhaps what most catches the attention of Inzity is that it has little look of a business search engine and a lot of essence of map / mini-city through which to navigate through different streets and establishments, making us feel as if we were really shopping in a city exclusively dedicated to hosting small specialty stores.

So Pedro Zunzunegui, founder of Inzity, writes to tell us about his project. Inzity, as we have commented, defines itself as a platform that welcomes all those small online stores with original, unique and different fashion products, being aware that, in general, Internet shopping stores have little visibility unless the Promotion on social networks and blogs is a total success.

At the moment Inzity offers us a gallery of Spanish stores with quite varied fashion products, which helps the user discover different small brands, allows us to save and follow the news of the stores that we like, sends us notifications when there is a new store incorporated and keeps us informed of news and promotions on these websites.

Using Inzity is completely free, and the only condition is to register to access the platform with our own account.