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Giant MediaFire competes with Dropbox, now syncs files, with much more free space


Mediafire, the well-known file storage service on the web, with 30 million registered users and more than 150 million visits per month, one of the main objectives of the Hollywood industry, competition from the late Megaupload, has presented today a program for Windows and Mac that allow you to compete with Dropbox.

It is a tool that allows us to enjoy 50 gigabytes for free (we start with 10, and we can get more by keeping the plan free), synchronizing the space between different devices in a system that is very reminiscent of Dropbox, as you can see in the side shot they have posted on Torrentfreak.

Available now on, it allows you to get up to 100 gigas paying 4.99 dollars, although surely many users will end up opting for the free 50 gigas, 25 times greater than that offered by Dropbox.

At you can see the details. Although they do not yet have a mobile version as sophisticated as Dropbox, it allows automatic synchronization of files, the possibility of sharing and collaborating with other people using social networks, showing an activity feed to have a record of all our activities in MediaFire , including changes to the files of other users, control the version of the files, organizing everything by date, the history of edition and type, eliminate duplicates and offer a link to automatically share the captures made from the desktop.

MediaFire’s fame is not good in the world of copyright, although they assure that they have always tried to protect them by removing everything that violates that type of license. Be that as it may, it seems that it still has many enemies to win, including antivirus programs, which are already detecting the new program as malicious, as you see in the image.

You can get more information on the mediafire blog.