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Get a Material Design design on all Google websites with this extension

Get a Material Design design on all Google websites with this extension

Get a Material Design design on all Google websites with this extension

Apply the design Material Design From Google to all the pages and services of the company with Ink for Google.

Material Design everywhere. The design language that Google presents ends up flooding websites, applications and is probably very present on your smartphone. The colors, the transitions, the shadows all want to have a meaning in Material Design and the truth is that we like.

Best of all, MD is capable of adapting to any format and size. It does not matter if it is a small watch face, the 10-inch screen of a tablet or a 40-inch monitor. Of course, Google has been extending that interface to its services, although unfortunately not at all.

Google, unify the design of your services

Google, is it not painful for you to have Calendar?It’s just an example, Google Calendar It is one of its main services and the web has a wildly outdated design, the same could be said of GMail if we compare it with Inbox (we still have to thank that Gmail has received some touch-up)

Yes, applications on mobile devices are very well taken care of, but such services are used daily by millions of people from computers and web browsers. Luckily, and thanks to third-party developers, we have a solution:Ink for Google.

It is an extension for Chrome thatadd a Material Design design to virtually all Google websites: GMail, Calendar, Drive, Play Music, Contacts, YouTube, Keep all.

Ink for Google

What Ink for Google (extension free) In general it is to apply a characteristic solid color to the top of each web (for example, GMail red) and give a more modern layer to the side menus. Yes, it is true that there are pages such as Drive or Keep that have been modernized, but in those cases, the work of Ink for Google is unify the interface with the rest.

Without a doubt, the service that most appreciates the change is Calendar but it works on everyone. Also, it just works, you just have to install and go, no settings or anything. Ink for Google isn’t exactly new, but developer support hasn’t stopped and is updated frequently. You can download it from the Chrome Web Store:

Ink for Google for Chrome