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GeoMetri, physical analytics to locate clients in real time via WiFi


We often offer you tools to monitor visits on social networks, find out customer preferences, statistics to see if our advertising works well, and many other things that help us optimize our website and increase visitor participation. That what happens when we want to monitor the physical presence of the client in real time?

For this we can consider using a tool created by GIsi Indoors called GeoMetri, seen in Seetio and specially designed so that we can know, via WiFi, the presence and position of our clients in a physical space, without the need for clients to carry out any download or pre-install. Its operation will be based on taking advantage of the WiFi connection of our store or local to be able to detail the position of those phones that try to connect to the network. After knowing these data, the tool will return information related to the position of customers in a geolocated way.

With this physical analytics service we will be able to know an impressive amount of data, such as where the customer is going, the most popular sections, the route they take, the time they spend in our space, etc., in addition to obvious data such as number of people who visit the store and the days when we receive the most customers

A help that will probably be essential in the future for those who want to design their marketing strategies to the millimeter.