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GearEye, system for the management, organization and monitoring of photographic equipment


Professional photographers must have a wide variety of high-cost equipment to carry out different types of photography. In this sense, according to each type of photograph, you must add to your briefcases just the equipment they need instead of carrying all the equipment they have. To facilitate the organization, management and monitoring of equipment, GearEye is an innovative system that, together with the mobile phone itself, allows complete control of them.

Basically, it is a scanner-based system, available both as a Dongle or as a special case for mobile phones, compatible with certain models only, where you can choose one option or the other depending on each one, along with a series of adhesive GearTags incorporated into each equipment: objectives, flashes, cards, etc. On this it should be noted that there are GearTags of different sizes with the mission of being able to adhere to each equipment without problems.Then comes the GearEye mobile application, where photographers will be able to know the equipment they have in their photographic cases at all times and which also enables them to create lists of specific equipment to carry according to the work they intend to carry out.

It also has the function of locating to find the equipment they need but have not entered, either because they have it elsewhere or because it has been lost, as can happen with items such as memory cards.

In this way, they will be able to select equipment to carry both for taking studio and landscape photographs as well as many other subjects in which they specialize, being a lower cost solution compared to other photographic equipment monitoring systems.

Of course, the GearEye system is currently available through a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. As of today, it has exceeded more than 700% of the goal set at 60,000 dollars, with 6 more days ahead.

The submissions to the sponsors, according to the chosen rewards, will be made next July (2017) globally. All information is available on the campaign page.